What is HIPE?

For an investment in a diversified portfolio with high returns through varied investments including funds, startups, diamonds, bonds, property etc:

You need to talk to HIPE – The Investments Experts. 

HIPE builds tailor-made portfolios with high returns targets (>8% pa) and provides great investor service at low costs for global clients.

HIPE aims to be the first truly global independent financial services company catering for global clients. We offer consulting services regarding some of the best current investment opportunities around the world.

HIPE global clients are private, sophisticated investors or institutional clients with budgets from $20,000 up to $10 Billion according to their needs.

HIPE is a new company registered in London and is opening offices in Dubai in 2020. U.A.E. is a country at the forefront of innovation & new technology. It has investor-friendly regulatory authorities, an attractive tax regime and is ideally located to serve clients on 3 continents.

Diversified portfolio?

At HIPE we have identified that most investors historically don’t spread their investments enough.

Most investors tend to invest in the traditional investments of equities, bonds, property, funds and different currencies and keep cash deposits in banks.  They don’t invest sufficiently in startups, precious metals & precious stones or alternative investments like art, horses, classic car or wine collections etc.

Whilst HIPE recommends to keep sufficient cash positions for liquidity, the current global interest rates are currently very low and many of these deposits don’t even cover the loss of value due to inflation.

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The argument for STARTUP investments with huge growth potential is getting stronger:

Traditionally, investors interested in new technologies or exciting startup companies could only benefit from them through purchasing equities or public offerings (IPO’s). The disadvantage of this is the high transaction cost and the fact that the companies have often already made their most spectacular growth and returns before they’ve even got to public market.

For this reason, there is a compelling argument to invest directly into startup companies. By buying an initial equity stake in the company at launch, they are benefiting from off-market investments whereby the company is are usually not yet widely known about, so they have much more upside potential.

It’s very important to qualify this:

Prior to investing in a startup, it’s imperative that investors first:   

  • do the correct checks (due diligence) on the owners of the startup
  • analysis of the financials and business-plan of the startup
  • diversify into several startups in different industrial sectors and geographies to spread their risk

For investors that aren’t able to do this themselves, HIPE is willing and capable to help them.

HIPE makes 5 commitments to you:

1) PERSONALISED:  To assess precisely your investment requirements.

HIPE assesses the investment time-frame, risk appetite, sector interest & liquidity you need.

2) BEST SERVICE:  To  provide the best possible customer service with integrity and total discretion.

Our highly professional and qualified consultants will be honest with you and serve your best interests.

3) QUALITY:  To source the best possible global investments.

Our analysts perform pre-qualification of investment proposals through stringent due diligence controls & analysis of their investment merits.

4) DIVERSIFICATION:  To help you create a portfolio that mitigates risk through diversification.    

We assist you to spread across different asset types, sectors and geographical regions.

5) LOW COSTS:  To keep your costs as low as possible.

HIPE keeps your investment costs low through selection of cost-efficient and tax optimised investments.

5 HIPE commitments chart1

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