Diverse portfolio

Do you have a diversified portfolio, or do you have bad investment habits?

At HIPE we have found from our experience, that some investors are in the habit of repeatedly investing into the same asset classes (like property, equities or funds), industry sectors or geographical regions. They are not creating a diverse portfolio and therefore not spreading their risk sufficiently.

This strategy can result in having some years with good returns, due only to good luck. Those investors have not properly constructed their portfolio to reduce their risk over a longer period of time for the bad years too.

At HIPE, we help you to expand your investment horizon and assist to help you create your diverse portfolio by investing as follows:

1 Different asset types

An investor can ‘hedge his/her bets’ by investing into a wide range of asset types: equities, bonds, investment funds, precious metals, commodities, foreign currencies or alternative investments (eg art collections, classic cars or wines). That way he/she can diversify and thus reduce his/her portfolio’s downside potential.

Furthermore, HIPE has found that by investing into diverse ‘start-up’ companies or off-market investments, the potential rewards are higher than average.

Different industries

We have identified very attractive investment proposals in healthcare, hospitality, renewable energies, petrochemicals, aviation, media, property and other sectors.

Different regions

We have sourced investment opportunities eg in U.A.E., Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. Interesting investments are also found in more established markets like USA, UK, Germany, Belgium or Luxembourg.

A HIPE diversified portfolio

Please note HIPE’s ethical policy as follows:

HIPE aims to source and promote investment opportunities that (to the best of our knowledge) are ethical. This is with respect to global human rights and we refrain from weapons and munitions or illegal products investments.    HIPE promises to conduct its’ business in an ecologically-friendly way.

If requested by our clients, we will try to find Sharia-compliant investments.

Further explanations of the importance of diversification

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