Alternative Investments

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The ‘alternative investments’ provide for an annual dividend and attractive capital gains typically over a period of 5 years+ and providing a target ROI pa of 12%+.

Examples of alternative investments are startup companies (VC), private equity, precious metals, diamonds, art and other collections, cryptocurrencies etc.

HOT-PICKS ‘Alternative Investment’ proposal 1

Asset class: Private Equity Sector: Renewable Energy

This huge renewable energy project based on bio-fuels and algae technology will be cutting edge and help to satisfy the global growing demands for clean energy and diversification with plants on 3 continents.

Country:      USA/UAE/UK

Minimum:         USD 12 Million

Time-frame:          5 years+

Expected ROI pa: 30% average

HOT-PICKS ‘Alternative Investment’ proposal 2

Asset class: Private Equity
Sector: Aviation/flight training

To meet the rapid growth in demand for aircraft and pilots in the Asian, African & European markets, this flight training company is perfectly placed to meet the growing flight simulator training needs of the airline industry.

Country:                    UAE

Minimum:         USD 9 Million

Time-frame:         5 to 7 years

Expected ROI pa: 50% average

HOT-PICKS ‘Alternative Investment’ proposal 3

Asset class: Private Equity Sector: Media/Film

This established Italian film production company has a very interesting film to be made in Italy and UAE with high box-office expectations of $75 Million.

Country:                    Italy/UAE

Minimum:         USD 3 Million

Time-frame:      2 years

Expected ROI pa: 60% average

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