Standard Investments

grey metal case of hundred dollar bills

The ‘standard investments’ provide for a regular yearly or semi-yearly income  sometimes with capital gains or 100% capital assured and typically over a period of 2-7 years and providing target pa ROI of 8-12%.

Examples of standard investments are investment funds, bonds or preferred equity investments.

HOT-PICKS ‘Standard Investment’ proposal 1

Asset class: Preferred shares/startup Sector: Physical Gold & Silver 

By means of a Swiss company physical bearer share investments into physical gold and silver, investors are assured of the long-term security and growth of these precious commodities offering maximum protection in uncertain times. Physical gold & silver account for 70% of the investment & the balance is invested into the production and sales of exquisite gold & silver jewellery to increase the profit margin.

Country:      Switzerland

Minimum:   CHF 20,000

Time-frame:          5 years+

Expected ROI pa: 8-25%

HOT-PICKS ‘Standard Investment’ proposal 2

Asset class: Bond/Loan note Sector: UK commercial property

The UK Residential property group is issuing a Loan Note to provide equity for the delivery of our Private Rental Sector schemes and Rooftop Development opportunities. The yearly coupon is 12% gross but with annual loyalty bonuses up to 10% paid out for full 7 year investment period.

Country:                    UK

Minimum:   GBP 25,000

Time-frame:            3 to 7 years

Expected ROI pa: 17% average

HOT-PICKS ‘Standard Investment’ proposal 3     

Asset class: Fund Sector: Agriculture

This is one of the largest owners and operators of hydroponic farming facilities in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). It continues to lead the countries of the MENA region in technologically advanced farming techniques with clean and ethical farming practices that produce healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Country:                    UAE

Minimum:         USD 50,000

Time-frame:      2+ years

Expected ROI pa: 12%