Exclusive Investment Workshop in Luxembourg 4th & 5th July, Free entrance for private persons & wealth managers (Eng & Ger)


Not earning any interest? Must we save more or is it better to save more profitably?

How do we transform shiny precious metals into sparkling profits,  bypassing unpredictable capital markets?

How have we designed our security concept around physical gold and silver and what controls do our shareholders have over it?

We have the answers!


Reserve your seat at our exclusive event now and learn more about this valuable investment.

Date:  Wednesday, 4. July 2018 and Thursday, 5. July 2018                                                   Le Royal Hotels & Resorts 12 Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg

Start both days:   Deutscher Sprache 18:30 – 22:30 & English at 20:30 – 22:30

Meet & Greet: Champagne reception and fingerfood before and after each event

Registration:  jhearfield@hipedubai.org or +971 56 877 14 84


We look forward to meeting you there with pleasure,

Jonathan Hearfield


Record investments of $560 million in Start-ups in the MENA region in 2017

I have found personally a few very interesting Start-up companies including in UAE, so I’m not at all surprised that 2017 was a record year for investments in them.

It’s interesting because I’m finding that private investors are no longer satisfied with the lower returns and high costs of investing in traditional asset types like equities, bonds, property and gold. Many are actively seeking to invest into smaller startups that need $2 million up to $30 million. The trend is for Start-up companies to allow several smaller investors to fund their initial capital already from ticket size $50,000 and not only accept just 1 or 2 larger investors to come on board with them.

Whilst investing in Start-ups is inherently risky, it’s well documented that many will fail within the first year. Nevertheless, small investors are now wise to this and accordingly reduce their risk by investing into a few different start-ups across different industries.

Record investment of $560m made in MENA start-ups in 2017

What is HIPE?

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